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Breast Screening at Radiology Associates of Norwood

3D Mammography At Radiology Associates of NorwoodThe Latest Technology

The Women's Imaging Center at Radiology Associates of Norwood has always provided the latest in technological advances with mammography. We were the first in Norwood to offer digital mammography in 2007 and were first to offer digital tomosynthesis in Norwood in 2013.

Digital breast tomosynthesis is the most recent improvement that helps better detect early breast cancer. The sharper and clearer images provided by this new technology make it easier for doctors to see if there is anything to be concerned about.

Breast cancers can be hidden in overlapping tissue and possibly not appear on a mammogram. Digital tomosynthesis overcomes some of these problems. Radiology Associates of Norwood has the latest in technology with the Hologic Selenia Dimensions - the first commercially available tool to deliver breast tomosynthesis. This technology produces highly focused 3-dimensional images of the breast, making cancers easier to see in dense breast tissue.

Early Detection is the Key

Early detection is the best protection against breast cancer. If we find cancer in its earliest stages, the chances of surviving it are good.

The American Cancer Society recommends that every woman over 45 be examined for breast cancer once a year, even when there are no symptoms of disease. Your primary care physician may recommend regular screening earlier if you have a family history of breast cancer or other risk factors. After this annual screening mammogram, your radiologist may ask you to come back for follow-up images to rule out an unclear area in the breast or if there is a complaint that needs to be evaluated. This is called a diagnostic mammogram.

A diagnostic mammogram is a tailored mammogram test to solve a particular problem that may have been raised by a screening mammogram, physician or the patient themselves - for example, a palpable mass, the screening mammogram found something the doctors need to further evaluate, or as a follow-up to breast cancer surgery.

What to Expect During Your Exam

When you arrive for your breast screening appointment, our caring staff will welcome you in our private suite and ask you to fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire is used by our radiologists to more accurately interpret your mammogram. We will ask you to change out of your clothes and remove any deoderant you may have applied. Our technologist will lead you to an exam room where she will position you, compress your breast under a paddle and take images from different angles.

A breast tomosynthesis or 3D mammography exam is used as a screening tool in conjunction with a traditional digital mammogram or may be used by itself for a diagnostic mammogram. During the tomosynthesis or 3D mammogram portion of the exam, your breast will be under compression while the x-ray arm of the mammogram machine makes a quick arc over the breast, taking a series of breast images at a number of angles. This will only take a few seconds and all of the images are viewed by the technologist at a computer workstation to ensure they have captured adequate images for review by the radiologist.

There is no additional compression required with 3D mammography and the whole procedure time should be approximately the same as that of a digital mammogram. The technologist sends your breast images electronically to the radiologist, who studies them and reports results to your primary care physician. You will receive a letter from your primary care physician, outlining the results of the exam.

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